Dying to Know


Date Venue
Opening   Dec 2 Asheville, NC Grail Moviehouse Buy Tickets
Dec 9 12:00 AM Bloomington, IN The Ryder Buy Tickets
Dec 10 12:00 AM Bloomington, IN The Ryder Buy Tickets

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  • Robert Redford Jan 27, 2015

    “The idea of anything that expands our thinking beyond conventional borders has always been of interest to me. When I see the living, breathing portraits of these characters, especially the early archival footage... To see them intelligent and smart – they were a kind of blessing considering how they have been caricatured in later times. I like what this film explores and I’m glad to be a part of it."

  • Sting Jan 2, 2015

    “A great piece of work and an extraordinary story well told.

  • Jeff Bridges Jan 3, 2015

    “The film left me open. It’s a historic document chronicling two majestic lives.”